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W H A T  C A N A D A  A T E


The University of Guelph’s Library Archival and Special Collection has one of North America’s best culinary collections.  Because cookery and dining are fundamental human activities, cookbooks often record important traditions and document cultural changes in Canadian life. This collection is used by researchers from across the world interested in the historical and sociological aspects of foods, nutrition, cookery, household economy, manners, women’s studies, and bibliographical features of the books themselves.

The collection can be subdivided into five main categories:

Government Pamphlets 

Community Cookbooks

Advertising Cookbooks

Domestic Manuals

Home Economics textbooks

The foundation of this site was developed in partnership with Archival & Special Collections staff and students in Dr. Rebecca Beauseart's Food History Class (History 3240) at the University Guelph.

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