Wartime Suggestions to Help You Get the Most out of Your Refrigerator


Wartime Suggestions to Help You Get the Most out of Your Refrigerator


Frigidaire Division, General Motors Corporation (creator)


Dayton, Ohio : Frigidaire Division, General Motors Corporation




36 pages
16 cm


Noted on page 1 "Frigidaire products of Canada, Toronto"


Archival & Special Collections, University of Guelph Library, Guelph, Ontario Canada.



JPEGs and PDF derived from master file, which was scanned from the original book in 24-bit color at 600 dpi in TIFF format using an Epson Expression 10000XL scanner.

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Elizabeth Driver : Culinary Landmarks O1085.1






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Frigidaire Division, General Motors Corporation (creator), “Wartime Suggestions to Help You Get the Most out of Your Refrigerator,” What Canada Ate, accessed June 17, 2024, https://whatcanadaate.lib.uoguelph.ca/items/show/264.
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