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More Than Just Maple: A Collection of Canuck Staples


"More than Just Maple: A Collection of Canuck Staples" was created by students in Dr. Rebecca Beausaert’s Winter 2018 HIST*3240: Food History class, and examines thirty-five cookbooks belonging to the University of Guelph's Canadian Cookbook Collection. The students have categorized their books into the following subsections: Government Publications, Home Economics Textbooks, Domestic Manuals, Advertising Cookbooks, and Community Cookbooks. Within these cookbooks, you can find recipes ranging from sweet Jell-O desserts to delicious summer salads and everything in-between.


Curated by students: Tamara Abrams; Daniel Baker; Rebecca Booth; Melissa Brown; Naomi Chen; Sophie Contant; Cameron Debowy; Madeleine Farquhar; Braeden Gruber; Myra Hucal; Maira Hunt; Michaella Hynes; Nicholas Jakubowski; Kathleen Jorgensen; Nicolas Levesque; Xusheng Liu; Amanda Mast; Kevin McCallion; Royce Metchie; Iskren Mihaylov;  Alexandre Morrow; Brittany Newman; Gillian Newman; Christine Nguyen; Giacomo Nunno; Riley Ormond; Cierra Phillips; Clayton Rendell; Rachel Smith; Coral Somerton; Michelle Srnec; Erin Thomas; Josie Thomas; Julie Van Berkel; Olga Voichenko; Nicholas Watson; Carolynn Whitehouse.

UNIV 1200 Amazing Recipe Cookbooklet Extravaganza

10 Famous Cakes_Cropped_001.jpg

This exhibit explores the wonderful world of culinary ephemera.

'Eat and Enjoy': A Tribute to Norene Gilletz


"'Eat and Enjoy': A Tribute to Norene Gilletz" was created by students in Dr. Rebecca Beausaert’s Winter 2020 HIST*3240 Food History class, and examines thirty-eight cookbooks belonging to the University of Guelph's Norene Gilletz Collection. Norene Gilletz was beloved for her efforts to popularize kosher and healthy cooking, as evidenced by her many cookbooks. The students have categorized their books into the following subsections: Health and Nutrition, Kosher Cooking, Cooking with Technology, and Advertising Cookbooks. These cookbooks contain recipes ranging from kosher Chinese ribs to soups made with Coca-Cola, and everything in-between. 


Curated by students: Julianna Bernadowitsch; Lily Ciardullo; Emily Demedeiros; Laila El Mugammar; Jason Eng; Dora Feher; Rebecca Fong; Christopher Fuchs; Gillian Galea; Jason Garand; Ariana Giglio; Gracy Michelle Go; Daniel Iancu; Elaine Jeffs; Duncan Kennedy; Monika Lalonde; Nicole Lemieux; Sofia Marinucci; Shelby Mawson; Caitlin McKenna; Ryan Migliaccio; Jessica Moss; Mircea Novac; Ashley O'Brien; Dylan Parry-Lai; Spencer Pluck; Tiffany Rainford; Mitchell Scott; Tooba Shamim; Nicholas Snow; Lara Suna; Jessica Timmerman; Jasmin Tuhkasaari; Timothy Valeriote; Cilliers Van Heerden; Ryan Wilson; Robyn Zettler

'From Our Mothers' Kitchens': Cooking in Rural Canada

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"From Our Mothers' Kitchens: Cooking in Rural Canada" was curated by students in Dr. Rebecca Beausaert's HIST*3240: Food History course at the University of Guelph in the Winter 2021 semester. In the exhibit, students examined twenty-seven historical cookbooks that focus on cooking or procuring food in more rural and agrarian contexts. The exhibit highlights how integral Canada's rural areas and small communities have been in shaping Canadians' food tastes and preferences over the last 160 years. 

This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Anita Stewart (1947-2020), the first Food Laureate of the University of Guelph, cookbook author, and a long-time advocate of Canadian food and agriculture.


Curated by students: Vanessa Arman; Payton Bell; Rachelle Borgonia; Justin Brookshaw; Shealyn Cameron; Grant Collins; Kiana Gibson; Kristen Goossen; Masoumeh Hashemi; Caroline Hepolehto; Amanda Hermans; Elizabeth Hiscock; Sidney Holroyd; Judy Li; Olivia Mayer; Zachary Medeiros; Casey O'Brien; Sierra Orschel; Evan Rolleman; Shontelle Sanders; Jacoba Saynor; Matthew Scannell; Michela Sgromo; Bohan Shi; Lillian Smedley; Erin Stevenson; Akash Swaminadhan.