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The Winona Circle was one of many groups associated with the Zion United Church's Ladies' Aid in 1938. Within these Ladies' Aid groups, local churchwomen gathered and held fundraisers that financially supported the congregation. In 1962, the Ladies' Aid became the United Church Women, but the "Circles" remained the same. The attached image shows members of the Winona Circle in 1962. The group chose the name Winona in honour of a long-time member of the Zion United Church. The name was used until the year 1974, after which the group disbanded.

The Winona Circle stood for women's work and a shared love of church. In 1958, the Circle became known as a "catering circle" and held many banquets. Members of the group met every other Thursday evening in each other's homes for devotion and project planning. Although members of the Circle changed throughout the years, one notable achievement common to all members was a devotion to home, church, and charitable organizations.

Archival records offer little information about the Circle's production of the cookbook and the date it was published. However, it is safe to assume that it was more than likely part of the many fundraising projects they organized throughout the years. 


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