Recipe Cards


This first recipe highlighted here, "Baked Stuffed Cabbage," makes uses of an ingredient that is less popular in today's cookbooks: liver. The use of liver in this recipe is an example of how Canadians learned not to be wasteful and came up with creative ways to use different foodstuffs. The recipe uses just a few simple ingredients to create a delicious yet affordable dish. This recipe's method of preparation is rather simple as it only requires one page. The instructions, however, are rather vague. For example, the reader is instructed to bake the dish in a moderate oven without being provided with a specific temperature. Overall, this recipe is a perfect example of how Canadian cooks were making good use of all ingredients at their disposal in order to stretch every penny, even if they were not always the most popular ingredients. 



The second recipe selected is "Apple Dumplings" by Mrs. F. Thomsen. This recipe is very short, simple, and easy to follow, so it likely became a staple in many cooks' culinary repertoire. The list of required ingredients is very short which helps to make the recipe easy to follow. It is likely that the reader would have had all of these ingredients available in their pantry or kitchen. Like the Baked Stuffed Cabbage, the Apple Dumplings recipe assumes that the cook understands what a moderate oven is, which signifies that this was common knowledge at the time. Thus, this recipe was clearly meant for a more seasoned and experienced cook. The ingredients listed are very rich and filling, including butter and shortening, which shows that the recipe is not only trying to produce a delicious dessert, but also one that would satisfy Canadians' desires for comfort food.


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