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This recipe for "Broiled Finnan Haddie" consists of just a few ingredients, including haddock, butter, and pepper. Traditionally, the method of cooking Finnan Haddie was to bake or broil it. In this case, the recipe calls for the cook to broil the fish in a greased broiler until browned on each side. Following this, you are to cover the fish in hot water for ten minutes, drain, and then serve with butter and ground pepper.

Finnan Haddie was a popular Scottish dish and its inclusion in the cookbook may be related to emerging ideas about health and nutrition; namely, that fish was considered an ideal protein to consume. Dairy products like butter were also considered nutritious and were commonplace in many recipes including sweet and savoury dishes. 


Recipe Card - chocolate nougat cake.jpg

This recipe for "Chocolate Nougat Cake" calls for butter, sugar, egg, milk, bread flour, baking powder, vanilla, chocolate squares, powdered sugar, and almonds. To prepare the dish, blanch and shred almonds, melt the chocolate on a stove, and then combine the ingredients by hand. The cake would bake for fifteen to twenty minutes and then be topped by a white mountain cream and almonds. Food preparation at this time was still mostly done by hand as small appliances like electric mixers had not been invented yet. 

As far as cake recipes go, a simpler version may have been more realistic for the audience reading this cookbook. Although milk and butter were popular foodstuffs and found in most households in the early 1900s, it may have been difficult or expensive to obtain almonds.  


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