Meet the Author

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The Cobalt Souvenir and Cook Book was written by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church and published by Cobalt Nugget Print. The Presbyterian Church is shown in the attached image. As it is a community cookbook, it does not have a single author and is, instead, comprised of recipes submitted by the many women who attended the church. A name can be found following most recipes, indicating the woman who submitted it. As Cobalt was a mining town, 80% of the population was male. Because of this, only thirty-six women belonged to the Presbyterian congregation in 1909 when the cookbook was published. The Cobalt Souvenir and Cook Book is the only book to come from the Presbyterian Church as the silver rapidly ran out in Cobalt and the church was merged with the town’s Methodist church shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the town’s population began to decrease at such a high rate that even this merger was unsuccessful, with fewer and fewer people attending until its eventual closure. Despite this, the Cobalt Souvenir Cook Book remains an important artifact of this period, highlighting the religious and domestic responsibilities of the people who lived in Cobalt while it operated as a mining boomtown.  


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