Beef: How to Choose and Cook It was published in 1937 and provides important information for the beginner beef cooker. The cookbook covers a range of topics, including choosing one’s desired cut of meat at the market and how to tell the various cut of meat apart. Because of the vast amount of information included, and the fact that both lower- and higher-priced cuts of meat are discussed, the cookbook is for readers from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. It contains very few images, showing only the differences in cuts of meat. The final pages of the cookbook provide information about the different styles of cooking beef. For example, the cookbook discusses pan broiling, pan frying, roasting, braising, and other preparation methods. The cookbook then concludes with recipes for the different types of cooking methods. These recipes go more in-depth than the cooking methods section as they contain tips for marinading and ideal side dishes to serve alongside the beef. As a whole, this cookbook provides much in the way of cooking instructions, giving the reader all the knowledge they might need to shop for, prepare, cook, and serve beef. The author even provides recipes for leftovers and miscellaneous meats (such as tongue, heart, liver, etc). The cookbook reinforces that anyone, regardless of their budget, has the ability to prepare and eat beef. 


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