The Cook Not Mad, or Rational Cookery, is a cookbook that contains an interesting collection of original recipes. The cookbook embraces a broad spectrum of culinary and general housekeeping skills. The book provides a step-by-step process for skills like curing meats and vegetables for future use, instructions for preparing comforts for the "sickroom," and various instructions and procedures for general housekeeping. This fascinating book was first printed in 1830 in Watertown, New York, and was reprinted and republished in Kingston, Upper Canada, in 1831, and is considered to be Canada’s first cookbook. The only difference between the two editions is the substitution of "Canadian" for "American" in the title. This minor change is interesting as the book emphasizes American cooking, offering "Good Republican dishes." However, there are also non-North American influences as evidenced by the inclusion of French, Italian, and English-style dishes. Kingston and Watertown’s close proximity greatly influenced the popularity of the book in Canada, despite its self-proclaimed Republican identity. Similarities between Southern Ontario and Upstate New York resulted in the book’s recipes being applicable to both countries. The book also relies on the use of common meats and agricultural products found throughout North America, such as turkey, pumpkin, cornmeal, and cranberries.


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