Recipe Cards


"Health Tomato Soup Cake" is definitely a recipe title that catches the eye of the reader. This recipe is found under the "Cakes'' section in The Mixing Bowl and is, quite simply, what it sounds like -- a cake made with tomato soup. This unique type of cake requires some commonplace ingredients like sugar, butter, eggs, flour, cinnamon, and other spices, along with the somewhat strange addition of a can of tomato soup! Precise measurements are provided for the baker; however, a specific oven temperature and an approximate baking time are not included. The addition of canned tomato soup to this recipe may be a demonstration of the period when this book was published. Given that The Mixing Bowl was compiled during The Great Depression, perhaps the acidity and tang of the soup was a more affordable and accessible replacement for ingredients like fresh fruit which were often used in cake recipes.  



The recipe for "Orange Bavarian Cream" is found under the "Desserts and Puddings" section of The Mixing Bowl. This dessert requires gelatine, oranges, boiling water, sugar, cream, and ice. There are detailed instructions provided regarding how to prepare this dessert. An interesting fact about this dessert is that it is a "no bake" dessert; instead, it just requires some mixing and molding. This recipe calls for a specific brand of cream, Maple Leaf Dairy, which is interesting given the fact that Maple Leaf Dairy is not a published sponsor advertised in the cookbook. This branding suggests the recipe for Orange Bavarian Cream may have been provided by Maple Leaf Dairy, or they were affiliated with the town of Renfrew in some way. 


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