Recipe Cards


This recipe for "Boiled Corn Bread" is very simple in terms of the required ingredients, as well as the details when it comes to preparation. The ingredients included in this recipe are corn, boiled or cold water, and optional additions such as dried fruits or nuts. The recipe involves the use of a mortar and pestle, a sifting screen, a pot for boiling the water, a lifting paddle, and a bowl. The corn is ground using the mortar and pestle, then put through a sifting screen to separate the large particles. The ground corn is then combined with water and the optional dried fruits or nuts, then kneaded into a round disc and submerged in boiling water until fully cooked or when it starts to float. This recipe reflects the simplicity of some of the recipes in this cookbook and provides insight into the Iroquoian peoples' dependency on corn for many meals and recipes.



This recipe for "Dumplings (Rolled Cake Soup)" involves a similar preparation process as the Boiled Corn Bread as it also requires ground corn. The ground corn is to be mixed with boiling water and then formed into a firm paste. The paste is then shaped into a dumpling by hand and placed in boiling water. The dumplings are accompanied in the boiling water by venison, game bird flesh, or other meats depending on availability. This recipe highlights some of the utensils and equipment typically used by the Iroquois. A sharpened bone or stick was used as a fork when eating the dumplings. This recipe showcases how Iroquois recipes were flexible and the ingredients could be changed depending on the availability of certain foods. 


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