The Black Whale Cookbook is a compilation of recipes from the East Coast of Canada that have been passed down from generation to generation. The intended purpose of The Black Whale Cookbook is to help pass down recipes and cooking information from one generation to the next. By doing so, the book allows East Coast families to preserve and remember parts of their food history that otherwise would be lost. There is a large variety of recipes contained within The Black Whale Cookbook, such as Fried Rabbit, Jellied Chicken Loaf, Raisin Pudding, and Quick Strawberry Jam. These recipes use a variety of ingredients, such as wild caught meats and fish, fresh fruit, and everything in between, allowing cooks to make meals and dishes for every part of the day or occasion. The Black Whale Cookbook was sold at the aptly-named Black Whale Store. The Black Whale Store sold crafts and a variety of other items, including cooking tools that were used to make the recipes outlined in the cookbook. The Black Whale Cookbook is a very important cookbook for Canadians whose heritage can be traced to the East Coast as it provides insight into recipes from the past, and remains true to the traditions of that region. 


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