Recipe Cards


The recipe for "Chocolate Cake" is a great example of the assumption that all women knew how to prepare a cake since the instructions advise to "mix as usual," suggesting this is an inherent skill that all women should have, and to be able to fill in the blanks in the recipe. It also shows that concerns over food allergies may not have been as serious as they are today because in the title of the recipe, the author does not call attention to the fact that walnuts are a key ingredient. Likely, such an oversight would not happen in a modern day cookbook due to widespread nut allergies. 



The ingredients used in this recipe for "Vegetarian Potted Meat" are rather basic and the recipe does not include much in the way of seasoning. It is also interesting to note that this recipe is vegetarian (despite the inclusion of "meat" in the title) because the majority of the savoury dishes included in this cookbook were not. On the other hand, this recipe is like many others in the book because it is rather bland and boring. It also lacks detail and instructions, including how long to cook it and at what temperature. The recipe merely says to cook in a "moderately hot oven." The steps involved reinforce the idea that women in the 1920s were expected to know the basics of cooking and baking, so detailed instructions were not necessary. 


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