Meet the Author



Gail Borden Jr. (Source:

The author of this cookbook is not a person but, rather, a company: the Borden Company. It was founded in the mid-19th century by Gail Borden Jr. and produced a variety of food products, including pasta, dairy products, plastics, and even glue. Borden is known for creating an efficient process whereby condensed milk did not require refrigeration, enabling it to be stored and transported longer for longer periods of time than fresh milk. His name and signature appear on the condensed milk can featured in the cookbook. Borden was born in 1801 and died in 1874. In 2001, the company ceased operations. Although it no longer operates, the Borden name is recognized across many different trademarks. In the United States, the dairy products and other brands are under the Borden Dairy Company. In Canada, Eagle Brand products are owned by Smucker Foods of Canada. Without Borden’s invention and the creation of the Borden company, Canadian cuisine and food preparation methods would be very different.


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