Salads All the Year ‘Round was prepared by the Women’s Institute Branch and the Home Economics Service. It was published by Ontario’s Department of Agriculture in Toronto, Ontario, in April 1949. This cookbook encourages healthy eating and claims that a salad can be served as an entree, alongside other dishes, or eaten at the end of a meal. Throughout the cookbook, many beautiful pictures are included which complement the exciting recipes. The cookbook is organized in a logical fashion; the first page includes a vertical box titled "Important" which states step-by-step how you should prepare all your salads. This cookbook also includes salads of all varieties, including vegetable salads, fruit salads, bologna salads, and even discusses salad accompaniments, such as crackers and croutons, and garnishes like parsley and mint. Salads-All the Year ‘Round is a fairly short cookbook -- only 16 pages long. Though small, it includes several unique recipes such as "Garden Salad," "Health Cabbage Salad," and "Beet and Celery Salad." At the end, there is a section similar to Canada’s Food Guide, where data is provided about the ideal number of servings of dairy, fruit, vegetables, grain, and meat  adults and children should consume each day. 

This cookbook was donated by and is part of the Anita Stewart fonds. 


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