The Mixing Bowl is a collection of recipes gathered by the women of the Renfrew Presbyterian Church. Published and distributed in Renfrew, Ontario in 1933, this cookbook provides recipes for all sorts of baked goods, as well as recipes for entrees, beverages, soups, salads, and preserves. The Mixing Bowl also contains many advertisements from local Renfrew businesses who sponsored the publication of the cookbook. The book resembles a typical cookbook from the 1930s, with standard-sized pages, a typed font, food-stained recipes, and a binding of braided twine. Many of the recipes outline specific measurements and branded ingredients that should be used. However, some recipes provide little to no instructions when it comes to measurements and types of ingredients, leaving cooks with the freedom to make such dishes their own. Clearly stated at the beginning of the cookbook is its primary objective: "With the growth of general knowledge, the study and preparation of foods become more and more important. This group of thoroughly tested recipes is presented with the hope that housekeepers will find them of help in adding variety to the menu." This message of intent suggests to readers that this book, made possible due to the recipe contributions from various women, was published for other women, with the hopes that they could expand their home cooking abilities. The sharing of recipes between female members of the Renfrew Presbyterian Church suggests that food helped to forge a greater sense of togetherness and community in the town.


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