The cookbook Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation was written by F.W. Waugh. It was  printed in 1916 by the Ottawa Government Printing Bureau. The agency responsible for publishing Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation is the Canada Department of Mines. This cookbook offers readers an array of information relating to the traditional foods and food preparation methods of the Iroquois people. This cookbook does not include any advertisements and is printed completely in black and white. It contains information about recipes, types of ingredients used in cooking, cooking tools and utensils, cultivation methods, and the food culture of the Iroquois. The book also contains some photographs at the back of the book. They are classified by a phonetic key system so the reader can reference photos in the back of the book while reading through the content. All of this information is provided over 266 pages. The book also provides readers the opportunity to learn more about and understand the languages of the Iroquois people. The author accomplishes this by providing the original spelling and names for recipes, foods, and utensils, followed by the English translation. Overall, Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation provides readers with a better idea of the historical foodways of the Iroquois people, including cooking methods and utensils, recipes, and cultivation patterns. By including recipes, photographs, and some Iroquois food history, this book offers important insights into the role of food in Indigenous history. 


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