Recipe Cards

Fruit cake.jpg

The "Light Fruit Cake" recipe can be found under the Cakes and Pastry section on page 30. This recipe was contributed by Nancy Levy and it incorporates classic baking ingredients that would have been found in most Canadian kitchens. 

Light Fruit Cake is a classic dessert whose history can be traced back to the Middle Ages when dried fruits were incorporated into Western European dishes like cake, and then through processes of immigration, the dish made its way to Canada. The recipe provided here uses coconut which was a popular baking ingredient in the 1980s. It also uses margarine instead of butter as the fat in the recipe, which suggests that margarine was considered a superior ingredient at the time or it was cheaper to purchase than butter. This recipe illustrates the long histories that some recipes have, but over time have been modernized so that they better suit modern tastes. 


Fudge balls.jpg

"Chocolate Fudge Balls," contributed by Patricia L. Wile, is a classic dessert found in the section, "Candy, Jelly and Preserves" on page 40. This dessert is not what you think when you hear "chocolate fudge" because it uses mashed potatoes! The use of mashed potatoes in a dessert is quite unique as this is not something commonly found in dessert recipes. The recipe calls for potatoes combined with other ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, and icing sugar. Likely, the recipe was an excuse to use up leftover mashed potatoes, in an effort to combat food waste. 


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