Meet the Author


The recipes within the book were collected from various people who attended the Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton, New Brunswick. At the beginning of the book, a page states that when a name is beside the recipe, it is not an indication that the recipe was developed by the associated person; rather, it was tested and approved by that individual. Some of the contributors are responsible for multiple recipes in the cookbook. Those who contributed are assumed to have given their favourite recipe(s) or the ones that received the most favour from friends and family. It was common in the early-20th century for women to have a signature dish that they were known for.

The Fredericton Cathedral Organ Fund Cookery Book was printed two more times, in 1911 and 1920, and most of the recipes were kept with the exception of some new additions. The authors were still credited for their recipes in the cookbook’s second and third editions. Despite there being no single author who would have received credit for putting the book together, everyone involved contributed to the publication of an exciting and valuable cookbook containing some of Fredericton's favourite recipes. 


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