Recipe Cards


Food preservation has and will always be a necessity for survival. The recipe highlighted here only contains four ingredients, and all ingredients were readily available at the time of the book's publication. The recipe is simple and educates the reader without requiring expensive or rare ingredients. "Recipe No. 3" is certainly not extravagant; however, it was practical for the time. Storing meat in the winter was not much of an issue in Upper Canada due to the cold temperatures from October to April. However, in the summer months, meat spoiled quickly. This recipe's purpose aligns perfectly with the book’s overall theme of helping settlers adapt to life in Canada.     



Food and medicine have always been a part of human existence. Before the 20th century, medical treatment largely occurred in the home. Along with their food traditions, Europeans settlers brought to Canada knowledge of and traditions surrounding medical care. "Recipe No. 222" was a nutritional aid for people recovering from illness or a variety of stomach and intestinal disorders. Arrowroot is the starch obtained from the roots of a tropical plant, Maranta arundinacea. It is exceptionally versatile and can be used for several applications in the kitchen. The combination of recipes and treatments for common ailments within a single cookbook may seem bizarre today, but prior to the modernization and professionalization of the medical industry, women provided the majority of the family's medical care within the confines of the home. Thus, it made sense for one book to provide all the important information that would be needed to keep the family healthy and fed. 


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